Accounting Services

Helping our clients with accurate and timely financial information ensures business operations will run more efficiently. We can provide you with periodic accounting services which will best serve your company's needs. The following services are available for businesses:

Accounting System Set Up

If you prefer to do your own books having the proper software and training is essential to correctly and efficiently to all your accounting. We help install, set up, and train individuals and businesses to use QuickBooks because of its ability to easily integrate the recording, generating, and analyzing functions needed in every company.

Benefits of QuickBooks

Organize your company financial data into one system making it easy to update from month to month. Generate reports quickly for previous or current periods needed for business loans. Integrates with many banks and allows you to automatically download transactions from your bank to your QuickBooks account. Set up a merchant account so you can accept credit cards. No additional software is required and the data is entered only once. You can prepare and send your client an invoice quickly through QuickBooks.

Setting Up & Using QuickBooks

After studying your needs we will recommend which QuickBooks software will best benefit your company. Install software and set up complete company information. Determine and create a chart of accounts which fits your specific industry and company.Update all previous accounts to match balances to a specific date. Input your transactions from a particular starting date. Assist every month, quarter, or year in reviewing client QuickBooks files Make necessary adjustments to various accounts for accounting or tax purposes.

Bank Reconciliation

As your business grows, keeping your bank account and reconciliation up to date becomes imperative because it allows you to verify discrepancies which you can't identify from just looking at your monthly bank statements. Our staff can provide the following monthly or quarterly bank reconciliations which can help you: Fix amounts which were entered incorrectly to accurately update your accounts. Record all deposits and verify which checks have cleared your bank and which are pending. Determine if all your income and expenses are accounted for. Find unauthorized or unrecognized checks which can stop fraud or embezzlement from inside your company. Save money in future periods by using funds more diligently.

Financial Statements Preparation

The Balance Sheet and Income Statement are the 2 most important reports that every company depends on to see the overall financial strength and operations of a business. An optional report which may be useful for your company is the Cash Flow Statement which shows the affects certain activities have specifically on cash. These reports are also provided to banks, investors, and vendors for various loans and credit your company may need.

The Income Statement is used to

Track revenues and expenses by categories, which show how the business is operating for a period of time. Find unusual expenses or expenses which seem too high or low for certain businesses. Determine areas which the business can improve by cutting or raising costs. See percentage or amount of change from period to period to appropriately make operating changes.

The Balance Sheet is used to

Show all assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity of a company on a specific date. Analyze how assets were acquired or funded.Determine the overall health of a company to see if operations can continue without any concerns. See if your company receivables or payables have grown to large or small and how to counter these effects.

The Cash Flow Statement is used to

See how much cash came in and out of the business. Show the current operating results and changes in balance sheet accounts. Determine if a business has enough to pay all its expenses or repay debt. Determine if cash was used or made in operating, investing, and financing activities.