Payroll Services

Wondering if your new hired associate is an employee or an independent contractor? Don't know when or how to pay payroll taxes? Take this time consuming guess work out and spend your valuable time on running your company. We make your payroll system easy by integrating the wage processing for your employees, paying the correct amount of taxes, and preparing your payroll tax returns.

Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll:

Time is Valuable:
Our payroll service takes all the steps of payroll processing out of your hands and eliminates the need for you track or calculate any amounts related to your payroll.

Save Money:
There won't be a need to hire a payroll specialist or assign an employee with payroll tasks which will require extra overhead. Our staff will complete all of your payroll needs and still remain very cost effective.

Professional Service:
Trying to figure out complicated and changing payroll tax laws and risking filing incorrect returns will only mean more frustration. Having us do your payroll leaves you worry free and guarantees accurate and timely filings.

Customized Payroll System
We give you the freedom to choose how you want to process your payroll. Maybe you would like to have the ability to enter your employees' hours and print your employees paychecks directly from your own printer. We can also take the hours and process the payroll for you and set up direct deposit for your employees. We will work with you to setup a payroll system that works best for you.

The following are the payroll services we provide:

  • Set up wages, vacation, & other benefit plans for all employees.
  • Set up all independent contractors for year end 1099 reporting.
  • Issue and print paychecks for your employees and independent contractors.
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Pay your Federal & State Payroll Taxes
  • Prepare and File Payroll Tax Returns
  • Prepare and File Annual Payroll Forms
  • Obtain Federal & State ID/Account Numbers
  • Create other reports related to workers' compensation, employee accruals of vacation,and sick days.