Tax Services Los Angeles, CA

Ovsep Margaryan, CPA acts as the right resource to avail all kinds of tax services for the issues faced by both high net worth individuals and businesses. Our International, federal and state tax services are highly comprehensive and comprises of the following services.

Tax planning services – Families, businesses and individuals

As the result of offering efficient tax planning services to individuals, families and individuals for many years, we at Ovsep Margaryan, CPA have learned many lessons that are valuable which we share with our esteemed clients. We strive to make a different in the accounting field through our strategic and unified approach. With our effective tax driven attitude, we make sure that we provide effective tax planning services.

Apart from offering comprehensive Tax Services Los Angeles CA, Ovsep Margaryan, CPA offer comprehensive tax planning services that makes us one among the best CPA firm in California region. We make sure that we integrate the different facets in the lives of our clients and understand the nature of their wealth transfer goals in the long term and short term based on which we recommend the tax plans. Our main perspective is to stay in trend with the latest tax laws and rules which are duly updated to our clients and suggest the right time for shifting strategies.

UBIT or Unrelated Business Income Tax

For non profit organisations and tax exempt firms, UBIT or Unrelated Business Income Tax is a challenging one. Our tax professionals at Ovsep Margaryan, CPA make sure that the UBIT reporting challenges are eased of the clients’ shoulders as they are experts in fulfilling the tax requirements of both state and federal tax officials. We also provide full audit service, advisory and tax guidance for many groups and firms. We can evaluate and detect the UBIT liabilities and its possibilities while drawing a line between the usage of income and sources of income.

We provide tax services in Los Angeles to individuals, business entities and nonprofit organizations, no matter how big or small.

Every tax return requires detailed attention. We strive to give our clients the same type of personalized service by taking the time to discuss potential tax issues that will help them financially.

With the changes and intricacies of current tax laws, the role of a complete and proficient advisor is essential. Don't miss another deduction and credit by simply not knowing the existence or applicability!